Andrew Eborn to host The Muckrakers worldwide

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Andrew Eborn joins TNT – Today’s News Talk on Monday, 20 May 2024 

Andrew Eborn will anchor TNT’s latest UK show, The Muckrakers airing weekdays at midday BST/7:00 am EDT/ 9:00 pm AEST. True to the journalistic traditions of the 1890s, TNT’s Muckrakers will attack today’s most controversial news issues and tease out political and economic corruption and the social disruption.

Andrew has been at the forefront of embracing technology and pioneering developments in media, technology and entertainment. He is a renowned international lawyer, broadcaster and futurist who is in high demand as a columnist, presenter and moderator around the world. He is President of Octopus TV Ltd and specialises in intellectual property, media and technology. TNT – Today’s News Talk is a 24-hour live global news talk broadcaster. Get up to speed with the latest live news and current affairs presented by a host of credible and expert commentators who can separate fact from fiction, truth from propaganda. TNT goes where mainstream and captured media dare not go—on Geopolitics, Climate fraud, Pandemics, Medical Malfeasance, Censorship, Digital Control, Lawfare and Injustice. Our programs are challenging, opinionated, honest, punchy, relevant and entertaining.

THE MUCKRAKERS hosted by @AndrewEborn @tntradiolive


Join the debate UK 0330 024 1026

US & CANADA 1 – 888 – 201 – 6425

AUS & NZ 1 – 800 – 67 – 310

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