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Andrew Eborn Barrister, Broadcaster, Futurist & Inspirational Speaker – recent media appearances

Andrew Eborn Barrister, Broadcaster, Futurist & Inspirational Speaker
BBC, Sky, LBC, Times Radio, CNN, GB News, Talk, TNT & many more ! 

Andrew appears regularly around the world including presenting various formats, special features, debating the hottest topics, news reviews, panel shows, hosting and corporate speaking https://www.octopus.tv/news-blog/ – more platforms than Paddington!


Media appearances in the last few days include:

Andrew Eborn’s Fake or Fact

Deep Fakes / AI Threat to Democracy – Andrew Eborn unpacks with Martin Daubney


Taylor Swift Special – The Tortured Poets Department Andrew Eborn’s Fake or Fact


Andrew Eborn’s Fake or Fact – Easter Eggstravaganza


Andrew Eborn’s Fake or Fact – Royal Faux-tography with Anne Diamond & Ellie Costello


Princess Kate had ‘NO ill intent’ with photoshop | Andrew Eborn demolishes wild conspiracy theories

Andrew Eborn’s Fake or Fact – The Truth about St Patrick

Andrew Eborn’s Fake or Fact – Train Special with Michael Portillo & Pip Tomson

Loch Ness Monster – Shocking New evidence – Andrew Eborn joins Mike Graham

Debates – Andrew Eborn debates the hottest topics

Scotland, Rwanda, Shoplifting – TNT

Weinstein’s conviction overturned by NY Court – Andrew Eborn unpacks with Pip Thomson & Ben Leo

MP Sleaze, Asylum, Scotland ditches Net Zero, WFH = Nike sales slump – Andrew Eborn Mike Graham


 UK Elections Rwanda Bill & The Future of Politics Andrew Eborn joins David Kurten Live on TNT

Free Assange, Fake Stamps, Margot Jailed – Monopoly Movie, Trans Row – JK Rowling forgiveness ?https://youtu.be/hkk58ScMzMU

BBC – Funding & Future – Andrew Eborn joins Mike Graham


Neil Oliver Andrew Eborn  – Scottish Hate Speech, Farmers’ Protests, AI, Neuralink, Russia, Ivermectin, Declining Birth Rates

Is it time to call an election? Nana Akua Claire Pearsall Nigel Nelson David Maddox & Andrew Eborn

Rwanda – is it time to pull the plug ? Andrew Eborn joins Nana Akua & Kevin Saunders ex Border Force

https://youtu.be/wp8TN04lLC8Rwanda, Kate in public, Harry & Meghan downgraded, Thatcher @ V&A


Budget, Royals, Space Invaded, Nuclear Power on the Moon, Fat Labs -Andrew Eborn joins Mike Grahamhttps://youtu.be/2Fjuj4qLxJE

Neil Oliver Andrew Eborn – Canada Online Harms Act Freedom of Speech


From Tragedy to Triumph: Caroline’s Law Fights for Genetic Transparency / The Battle Against Cancer

Paper Review / Headline MakersBBC, Sky, Times Radio, Talk, GB News, TNTRwanda Migrants Missing, Humza The Brief, Sextortion, NHS Biological Sex, £5 Stamps, AI revelations


Knickers/Young Getting Dumber/ Power of Smell/Sport/Deep Fakes in Politics/Fake or Fact News & Views


Andrew Eborn appears regularly on Times Radio including for paper reviews


Iran, Trans Sports, Rwanda, Pret App, Hannah Waddingham – Andrew Eborn Rosie Wright Times Radio

JK Rowling Arrest Me Taunt, Truss, Union Joke, April fools – Andrew Eborn James Hanson -Times Radio


Banksy, Royal Photos Kate, Thatcher V&A, 16-8 Fasting danger – Andrew Eborn Times Radio Rosie Wright


Super Tuesday:Extremism, Protests, Slavery, Rule Britannia & CBB- Andrew Eborn Times Radio Rosie Wright


Sky Press PreviewGove’s “Extremism”, Boris in Venezuela, Brianna Ghey mum’s legacy & Barbie


Navalny, Small Boat Gangs, Starmer V Trump, PO Scandal, William’s Social Housing & Rail Chaos – Sky


Defence, Sunak in NI, Brianna, Access to Medical Data, AI, Trump is Elvis – Sky Press Preview

Panel shows & Specials

2 tier policing, Free Speech, Congo Vs Rwanda, Biden, Beckham, Trans Fat Club & Flame throwing dog


£17m pd cost of 115K Asylum seekers in limbo, Klimt £26m, Pompey Nudist Beach , Capt Tom £2.25m


Royal/Rebel Orgy, Birthdays Princes Louis & Archie, Rwanda, Not So Smart Motorways, Seagulls, Intent


Meghan Markle’s Jam Huw Edwards Navy Non Swimmers Shakespeare was a Woman-That Was The Woke That Was


Iran, Rwanda, Social Media Ban for under 16s, Trump in Court, 50 Octopuses -Andrew Eborn Mike Graham


JK Rowling, ADHD Joe Wick, RSPCA, Gary Barlow- Leo Kearse, Suzie Kennedy, Chloe Dobbs & Andrew Eborn


Sex MPs blackmail, Grinder, William Wragge, ECHR, Hate Crimes, JK Rowling, Big Foot, Kiss & papers


Tory Turmoil, Migrants, WAG Security, BBC, Trans Sports, Cannabis, Freedom of Speech, JK Rowling https://youtu.be/56ORhX9T5UU

Migrants, Single Justice, Hedgehogs, XL Gullies & Fish High on Coke Andrew Eborn joins JJ, Eve Megan


Saturday Night Showdown Leo Kearse, Suzi Kennedy, Nicholas de Santos & Andrew Eborn


Terror Tots, Extremism, Hotline of Duty Policing the police – Andrew Eborn joins Mike Graham


£30m cost of marches, Lee Anderson, BBC Huw Edwards, Peppa Pig in US -Andrew Eborn joins Mike Graham


Saturday Night Showdown


Google Gemini AI, Trans Saturday Night Showdown Leo Kearse, Diane Spencer, Paul Cox & Andrew Eborn


Andrew Eborn’s Greatest Writs

Weinstein’s conviction overturned by NY Court – Andrew Eborn unpacks with Pip Thomson & Ben Leo


Taylor Swift Back on TikTok – Andrew Eborn’s Greatest Writs BBC


Sacked after 20 years for clicking “zero bags used” – Andrew Eborn unpacks with Martin Daubney

Dodgy Fire sticks & Illegal Streaming The Law – Andrew Eborn’s Greatest Writs BBC


Hotel California notes stolen? “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” BBC

ICJ / Israel Genocide Trial – Andrew Eborn joins David Bull & Dr Renee Hoenderkamp Talk TVhttps://youtu.be/OmwWke3X8YY

Andrew Eborn Back to The Futurist

Andrew Eborn joins Dawn Neesom & Ben Leo to discuss how AI will change all our lives


TikTok Top Tips for Joe Biden & other politicians – Andrew Eborn with Mike Graham


Facebook’s 20th Birthday & Social Media Cos Privacy Vs Security Andrew Eborn/Nick de Bois Talk TV


Elon Musk successfully implants wireless brain chips in a human – Andrew Eborn with Martin Daubney


Co-hosting /presenter’s friend
Brianna Murder sentencing, Leasehold Reforms, Ezedi Papers – Andrew Eborn joins David Bull Talk TV


NIreland, Entertainment & Calls re Death Penalty- Andrew Eborn joins David Bull Steve Denyer Talk TV

Andrew Eborn – hosting

Andrew Eborn was again booked to host various events at MIPIM in Cannes including for Mitsubishi, Tokyu Group, Nippon Steel, Daiwa House, Takenaka Corporation. East Japan Railway, Nomura & Osaka Expo


Andrew Eborn was again invited to host Lifeline Ball at Claridges with TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine

Lifeline (2).jpg

Andrew Eborn presents Drama Awards live in Cannes

Corporate Speaking
– topics tailored to clients’ specific business issues with key take-aways including AI – navigating the threats and opportunitiesFor all corporate and public speaking inquiries please contact  roz.hanna@northbanktalent.com  / info@northbanktalent.com

Licensing deals
Andrew Eborn, president of Octopus TV Ltd and head executive agent of overseas business development for Phoenixx, brokers deal to take award-winning preschool educational series, Alphablocks and Numberblocks to Japan.

Andrew Eborn – Barrister, Broadcaster & Futurist

Andrew Eborn appears regularly on various channels around the world as a presenter / contributor / panellist on a wide range of topics as well as a speaker / host at live events and festivals including in Cannes. I also present and chair various events and podcasts for a number of leading organisations including the Royal Television Society.

As well as being a frequent participant in debates and features, there are various formats/segments Andrew provides on a regular basis providing light and shade and playing Devil’s Advocate as required such as:

i)  Andrew Eborn’s Greatest Writs – Legal Review covering major cases including from the entertainment world.  

ii) Andrew Eborn : Back To The Futurist – shining a spotlight on the latest developments in science, technology, AI and robotics from around the world. There are great AI/tech stories every day!

iii) Andrew Eborn – Question Everything / Fake or Fact?   A versatile game show challenging contestants to discern truth from fiction across various subjects. With its flexible format and engaging presentation, it offers thrilling entertainment for audiences of all ages and demographics

iv) Andrew Eborn’s Book of Failure® “If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Failure is The Father of Success”. Andrew Eborn unpacks failures throughout history and the lessons to learnt.
v) Corporate speaking – addressing specific business issues with key take-aways. Content is tailored to the client’s business.

Andrew Eborn, President Octopus TV Ltd, is an international lawyer, strategic business adviser, broadcaster, author and futurist.

For many years Andrew has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights as well as assisting with the strategic development of their businesses.

Andrew Eborn appears regularly on various channels around the world as a presenter / contributor on a wide range of topics as well as a speaker / host at live events including major festivals. Andrew Eborn presents and chairs various events and podcasts for a number of leading organisations including the Royal Television Society.

Keywords :  Law, Copyright, Trade Marks, Defamation, Contract, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Robots, Space, discovery, holograms, immersive technology, Futurist, Future, Righting wrongs, mental health, music, Film, Theatre, Television, Magic, Variety, Licensing, Merchandising, Computer Games,  game shows, TV formats, Advertising, newspapers, PR, Politics, Economy, Strategy, Media, media training, reputation management, question everything, politics, news, award ceremonies, rights, strategy, business, change, live events.

Job title : Lawyer, Broadcaster & President of Octopus TV Ltd

Home address : 87 Harley House, Regent’s Park, London NW1 5HN
Twitter @AndrewEborn @OctopusTV
Contact type : presenter, contributor to debates and features, paper reviewer, interviewer, panelist, host, contestant

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