Octopus Media Technology / Octopus TV Ltd is a cloud based, video content management and delivery platform.

OctopusMT is revolutionizing the way business is conducted and content is managed, monetised and delivered around the world.

The OctopusMT system enables the storage, management and global delivery of video to any digital device with unparalleled security, quality and functionality.

The platform provides four major functions: Digital Delivery Digital Archive Live streaming Video on Demand

The OctopusMT platform has several advantages over traditional ftp sites
•Cloud based
•Allows delivery of digital assets globally
•Virtually any file can be ingested
•Unlimited numbers of administrators and users |•On-line previews with or without downloads
•Ability to add comments for approvals
•Multiple file delivery – FTP, HTTP, accelerated
•Statistical reporting / clear audit trail
•Accelerated upload/download significantly faster than ftp
•Ability to embed videos directly from the asset library into website
•Greater security – permission based
•Online library of digital assets accessible anywhere in the world Octopus has a diverse international client base across several industry sectors including broadcasters, producers, media groups, event organisers, sporting bodies, content owners, advertising agencies and their clients.

The OctopusMT system is extremely flexible and scalable and can be integrated easily into existing systems without the need for any additional software or hardware.
OctopusMT’s system offers significant savings both in terms of time and money and also provides a powerful marketing tool whilst opening additional revenue streams.