Andrew Eborn’s Book of Failure®

Guaranteed Success!

Andrew Eborn’s Book of Failure® shines a light on the products and services, brand extensions and campaigns that failed to take off and have as a result earned entry into The Octopus TV Failure® Awards. As Andrew points out, “We always celebrate success whilst hiding the failures that led to that success.  The Octopus TV Failure® Awards finally give Failure® the attention it deserves.  If necessity is the mother of invention, Failure® is the father of success.  From failed products and services to campaigns and ads we would rather forget, we want to encourage everyone to be better at learning from failures not just ignoring them and pretending they never happened.” 

For many years Andrew Eborn has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights and assist with the strategic development of their businesses.  As a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star as well as a lawyer, strategist and futurist, predictions and a deep understanding of human behaviour come with Andrew Eborn’s territory – making the impossible possible.  Andrew Eborn has successfully predicted major events, developments in technology and entertainment as well as election results with alarming accuracy. 

“Quite simply, Andrew Eborn is a genius. Despite having fingers in more pies than Mr. Ginster, he manages to juggle all his interests and epitomise success. Entrepreneur, TV host, magician and bon viveur, I’m not sure how he measures failure as he’s never failed at anything – but if you want advice on how to succeed Eborn’s the man.”

– Ian Freeman, Royal Variety Charity, nephew of Leslie Grade and (Lord) Lew Grade & theatre producer (Lord) Bernard Delfont.

“Brilliant buzzing & fun!"
Ed Hood
“Andrew Eborn is The Joe Wicks of the Mind & Mental Health"
Ian Freeman


“FAILURE” is a Registered Trade Mark of Octopus TV Ltd (UK00003263552) and may not be used without permission. Arguably, therefore you can’t own your failures, but you could get a licence!!!