Andrew Eborn

Andrew Eborn, President of Octopus TV Ltd, is a renowned international lawyer, producer, strategist, futurist, brand adviser, broadcaster, mentalist, magician & inspirational speaker. For many years Andrew Eborn has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights as well as assisting with the strategic development of their businesses. 

For many years Andrew Eborn has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights as well as assisting with the strategic development of their businesses.

As a mentalist and Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star as well as a lawyer, strategist and futurist, predictions and a deep understanding of human behaviour come with Andrew Eborn’s territory – making the impossible possible.

Andrew Eborn has successfully predicted major events, developments in technology and entertainment as well as election results with alarming accuracy.

Andrew has always been at the forefront of embracing technology and pioneering developments in entertainment.  

Andrew Eborn has specialised in international licensing and global rights’ management for several years and has been actively involved with the negotiation, acquisition and international exploitation of various major licences.

Andrew Eborn is now working with several businesses across the IP value chain including the creation and licensing of content in all media from recording, publishing, distribution, supply of talent, management, promotion, immersive technology, holograms & AI.

Businesses include:

Octopus TV Ltd ( award winning company revolutionising the way content is created and distributed) @octopustv

Knot The Truth Ltd ( KTT) established with RJ Gibb, son of Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. Launched in Cannes, KTT already has a strong line up of programmes, TV, film and music productions, live events, theatrical shows and holographic experiences. KTT is also a curator of fine foods, wines, liquors and various products which are produced under KTT brand and licence.   @knotthetruth

Boxatricks – the boutique format creation company with the creators of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Weakest Link. Boxatricks has extensive experience in prime time game show creation and production. Currently the company harnesses the collective experience of the board members to create and develop new formats for broadcasters. Boxatricks also exploits all digital media opportunities as well as offering a range of services including third party format development, flying-producing, contestant casting and the staging of corporate events.

Andrew Eborn is in high demand as a columnist, broadcaster and regular presenter, moderator and speaker around the world.

UKTI Rob Walker ” Andrew Eborn is an inspirational ambassador for the technology, media and sport sectors and a powerful advocate for British business”

Andrew Eborn is the founder of a number of successful series including “Question Everything” and  “The Octopus TV Failure Awards” shining a light on products and services, brand extensions and campaigns that – for one reason or another – failed. “If necessity is the mother of invention failure is the father of success”

Andrew Eborn is involved with various charities including as a Trustee and Board Member of FED /UK Harvest , the food redistribution charity raising money for – and awareness of – food rescue

Andrew Eborn is also the founder of “Canned Laughter -It’s OK Not To Be OK”  promoting mental health and wealth – as well as Octopus TV’s Head to Toe of Health with the leading medical institutions around the world.