Back to The Futurist Andrew Eborn’s Broadcast Bonanza

Andrew Eborn, Barrister, Broadcaster & Futurist and President of Octopus TV, continues to appear on various channels around the world unpacking the latest stories and debating the hottest topics Recent appearances include:The secret to everlasting life. Andrew Eborn joins James Whale to discuss immortality through AI & James Whale’s world record for kissing Letby – […]

Andrew Eborn – Media Appearances More Platforms than Paddington !

Andrew Eborn is continuing to appear on several channels around the world including for the whole of each programme providing light and shade & playing Devil’s Advocate where required! In the last few days:BBC Ed Sheeran wins Marvin Gaye copyright claim – Andrew Eborn’s Where There’s a Hit There’s a Writ BBC BBC WorldAndrew Eborn on BBC […]