BBC success : Eleanor Tomlinson & Andrew Eborn Coronation Capers & launch of Gallery at The O2

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Eleanor Tomlinson is preparing for the opening of her first permanent gallery space in the heart of London at the O2. Soukra, a new UK restaurant brand recently launched at The O2, London. will soon be the London base of the East Yorkshire artist. Eleanor’s work will be available to view at scale on the vast walls of their stylish interior as well as the venue for exclusive workshops and other creative events. Officially licensed products will also be available.

Get your tickets now:

10/04/23 10-16:30 Full day including materials, food & drink VIP incl materials, food & drink

11/04/22 12:30 – 17:00 Half day including materials, food & drink VIP incl materials, food & drink

12/04/22 10:00 – 14:00 Half day including materials, food & drink VIP incl materials, food & drink

This big career step for the northern based artist comes following a monumental year in 2022 which saw two of her artworks featuring HM Queen Elizabeth II go viral, before a third Royal themed piece featuring Emma the pony and two of Her Majesty’s corgis reach £32,000 at a charity auction last November. Eleanor’s sudden worldwide fame and demand for her artwork has led to this opportunity to offer a more central venue for admirers to view and buy her work whilst she works from her studio in rural East Yorkshire. The artist plans to host various in person creative events at Soukra, bringing her two greatest passions (art and food) together to create exclusive experiences and workshop days with the help from Andrew Eborn President of Octopus TV and Hamdi Abid and Sanj Nandi of Soukra. This will be the first time Eleanor has brought her best-selling workshops further than East Yorkshire and nearby North Lincolnshire. Eleanor is passionate for others to learn and embrace various artistic techniques to release their inner creativity. Eleanor’s ink and watercolour workshop days will be split into two parts. In the morning participants will explore techniques and methods for working with pencil, fine liners and watercolour through a range of short demonstrations and fun, fast-paced activities. In the afternoon, following a leisurely lunch to refuel, they continue with their individual ink and watercolour pieces. Eleanor comes round individually to offer any help or advice on a 1:1 basis as each participant draws in pen and then paints in watercolour, working at their own pace. Leaving the day with a pen array of skills and know how, their own artwork and the materials to continue their creative journey. Groups are kept small and intimate to allow plenty of individual support from Eleanor ensuring everyone gets the most out of her workshop days. A serendipitous meeting, brought about by a BBC Platinum Jubilee news story, has resulted in renowned international lawyer, strategic business adviser and broadcaster, Andrew Eborn, President of Octopus TV Ltd, working with Eleanor to maximise international opportunities and develop a global brand. Eleanor pointed out “I am very excited at even the thought of the possible opportunities being created as a result of my partnership with Andrew Eborn. What started as a wonderful introduction by the BBC has already turned into a strong creative partnership. I’m very grateful to the BBC for opening such a door into a world of new opportunities with Andrew especially at a time when I was at a loss as to where to turn having suffered artwork theft on a global level. 2022 was an incredible, rollercoaster year in my career, but 2023 is already proving to be something else as Andrew and I join forces to share even more of my artwork with the world, entering into fabulous collaborations with leading world names. Andrew and I make a formidable team – an artist’s dream.’

For all licensing enquiries please contact Andrew Eborn Octopus TV LTD www.Octopus.TV

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