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As predicted, The World Health Organisation (WHO I hear you cry ! ) has decreed that Coronavirus variants are to be named after letters of the Greek alphabet instead of their place of first discovery. This is in a move to avoid stigma.

The Greeks were unavailable to comment….
Perhaps now is the time to set the record straight regarding the so called SPANISH FLU of 1918.
As you know, my mission is to shine a spotlight on injustices throughout history, to urge people to QUESTION EVERYTHING and to get to THE TRUTH ABOUT people and events.
I have been invited by media around the world to REVEAL THE SECRETS behind my 100% record of predicting major events, developments in business, media, sports and technology as well as global election results.
So, what is The Secret?
History repeats itself because we fail to learn the lessons from history.
As I pointed out, there have been several pandemics including the incorrectly named Spanish Flu in 1918 which killed an estimated 50m worldwide.
The Spanish Flu lasted from February 1918 to April 1920 and infected 500 million people – about one third of the world’s population at the time.
There were four successive waves.
Kansas Cough ?
The first report of infection and death from the virus actually came out of Kansas in March 1918 (Friends of Dorothy won’t be happy).
There is evidence of further cases in France, Germany and UK in April 1918. Reports of those cases were, however, minimised under wartime censorship restrictions..
As Spain was neutral in World War I, newspapers were free to report on cases
there including the serious illness of King Alfonso XIII (unlucky for some).
Alfonso was nicknamed “the Royal Knight of Charity” for his work with The European War Office and the only monarch in history to have received a nomination for a Nobel Prize.
The global reports of Alfonso XIII’s illness and subsequent recovery gave the misleading impression that Spain was the most affected area and led to the pandemic wrongly being dubbed “the Spanish Flu”.
As I always point out, we are in a war against the virus and the first casualty in any war is The TRUTH.
It is now time to STOP THE SPANISH STIGMA and set the record straight.
On the positive side, the 1918 pandemic was followed by The Roaring Twenties.
I predict that after re-adjustment we will experience another Roaring Twenties – a period of economic & social boom.
Be prepared!!

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