Andrew Eborn’s Greatest Writs

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Andrew Eborn – Back to The Futurist 
– Lawyer apologises after ChatGPT makes up case law

– everyone is a programmer now FT 

Copyright Andy Warhol / Prince
Supreme Court ruling that sent shockwaves through art world could have huge implications for AI image generation

US Supreme Court copyright ruling that Andy Warhol did not have the right to use a photo of Prince

Major US copyright victory re-defines Fair Use

Covid-19 inquiry WhatsApp Messages 

Ministers are on course for a bitter legal battle over the release of Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages as part of the Covid-19 inquiry.

Ugandan president signs anti-LGBTQ+ law with death penalty for same-sex acts

Sunak to ban free vape samples for children
Access to cash
Government agrees to enshrine in law a requirement for banks to provide customers with convenient free access to cash on the high street

Twitter withdraws from EU’s anti-disinformation code

Twitter has pulled out from a voluntary agreement set by the European Union (EU) to stamp out online disinformation

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