Andrew Eborn The Futurist – AI The rise of the machine

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Andrew Eborn The Futurist – AI The rise of the machine Google’s Artificial Intelligence Developer, Deep Mind, has said they are close to replicating human level intelligence

Mercy Muroki : ” I could listen to [Andrew Eborn] for ages. Gosh! If teachers had {Andrew Eborn’s } enthusiasm when teaching subjects we’d have very clever children”

Tom Harwood “We’d have Silicon Valley in The United Kingdom”

THE LEGAL EAGLE HAS LANDED @AndrewEborn ‘s LAWFUL NEWS righting wrongs & discussing the week’s biggest cases #TheFuturist#LegalEagle @OctopusTV

Andrew Eborn, President Octopus TV Ltd, is an international lawyer, strategic business adviser, broadcaster, author and futurist. For many years Andrew has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights as well as assisting with the strategic development of their businesses. Andrew Eborn appears regularly on various channels around the world as a presenter / contributor on a wide range of topics as well as a speaker / host at live events including major festivals. @AndrewEborn @OctopusTV

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