Andrew Eborn Barrister, Broadcaster & Futurist More Platforms Than Paddington !

Andrew Eborn is continuing to appear on several channels around the world including for the whole of each programme providing light and shade & playing Devil’s Advocate where required! CEO of ChatGPT warns of significant harm from AI – Andrew Eborn joins Julia Hartley-Brewer Talk TV Harry & Meghan paparazzi car chase, tax cuts, Psycho Chatbots […]

What ChatGPT said about Andrew Eborn, Lawyer, Broadcaster & Futurist

Andrew Eborn is a visionary in the legal, broadcasting, and futurist spheres, with a wealth of experience and expertise in media, AI, intellectual property, robotics, and technology. As the President of Octopus TV Ltd, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to empower companies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of these industries, maximizing the return on […]