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Octopus TV Failure Awards – Leap Year Special : Pride and Prejudice - Lady Doritos by Andrew Eborn

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Octopus TV Failure Awards – Leap Year Special : Pride and Prejudice - Lady Doritos by Andrew Eborn

In this award-winning weekly series renowned international lawyer, strategist, futurist, producer, brand adviser, broadcaster and inspirational speaker, Andrew Eborn, President of Octopus TV and Knot The Truth and Founder of the Octopus TV Failure Awards, shines a light on the products and services, brand extensions and campaigns that failed to take off and have as a result earned entry into The Octopus TV Failure Awards.

As Andrew points out “we always celebrate success whilst hiding the failures that led to that success. The Octopus TV Failure Awards finally give failure the attention it deserves.”

“If necessity is the mother of invention then failure is the father of success”

“From failed products and services to campaigns and ads we would rather forget, I want to encourage organisations and brands to be better at learning from failures not just ignoring them and pretending they never happened.”

Andrew is in high demand as a presenter, mentalist, magician and speaker around the world.

Thank you for all of your nominations so far. Keep ‘em coming!

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I have always encouraged everyone to own their failures. “FAILURE”, however, is a Registered Trade Mark of Octopus TV Ltd (UK00003263552) and may not be used without permission. Arguably, therefore you can’t own your failures but you could get a licence !!!


I love the fact that anyone who fails needs a licence – a licence to spill…

Contact me now for licensing opportunities ….


As predicted, Coronavirus has had a name change to become COVID-19.

Faster than the spread of COVID-19, this week has seen the continued spread of fear and prejudice.

As Aeschylus, the father of tragedy warned us 'in war, truth is the first casualty.'

And so, in the war against COVID-19 we have continued to see a flurry of fake news - including suggestions that there is a link between the virus the new 5G Networks

This has given rise to further fear and prejudice as witnessed by deserted Chinese restaurants, more and more people being quarantined, cancelled events and even protesters in Ukraine attacking buses carrying China evacuees wrongly assumed to be infected.


We live in a gloriously diverse world and yet the media spreads fear of people who are “different”. We have always been tribal.

Prejudice permeates the press and poisons the people whether from foreigners taking our jobs to North South divide, history is littered with people being persecuted for being different.

We have witnessed, yet again, the devastating effects of appalling, cowardly bullying after a mother chose to post a video of 9 year Quaden Bayles, the Australian boy who was bullied at school for dwarfism.

Predictably, Downing Street adviser Andrew Sabisky, the self-proclaimed “superforecaster” who had a history of deeply controversial views on race, gender and eugenics has also dominated the news this week. Sabinsky questioned whether black people had lower IQs and suggested that “universal contraception” might be a way to prevent a “permanent underclass”. The reaction to this revelation was predictable and provided more ammunition for the opposition to politically point score...

Is racism the legacy of Empire?

The more we fan the flames of this prejudice the more it will perpetuate the myth.

Difference leads to prejudice.


When Dave called Boris a racist at The Brits many people asked the same question?

Who’s Dave?

Isn’t that what Trigger use to call Rodney in Only Fools and Horses?. (6,201,996)

PC World

We live in a PC world where nibbles of the forbidden apple tempt us all.

Inevitably people will put a foot wrong… unintentionally.

Prejudice should indeed be condemned. We must not be bystanders.


That said, at the other extreme we should not let our fear of offending people strangle society.

As George Carlin pointed out, “I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.”

We can no longer say Ladies and gentleman under new gender neutral guidelines….

Cries of “prejudice” run rampant in every aspect of life.

At the Oscars virtually every speech was punctuated with references to the controversy around lack of diversity - starting with Chris Rock pointing out what was missing from this year’s director nominees: “vaginas”.

Rebel – with some claws – Wilson pointed out at the BAFTAs, there was prejudice in all of this year’s Awards as “felines” failed to receive any nominations. A CAT-astophe!

We must avoid everything being male, pale and stale

In 2018 I was unanimously elected to be the Vice Chair of Equity TVB – by far the largest branch in the union of more than 47,000 performers and creative practitioners.

I have championed several initiatives including around respect, anti-bullying and mental health. I founded “Canned Laughter – It’s OK Not To Be OK” promoting mental wealth including in the Arts. Let’s be the generation who talks about mental health so the next generation does not suffer the stigma.

Sadly, there are those who cry “bullying” and “discrimination” where neither exist. They are often spurred on by those around them.

As with prejudice, feigning dissent is abhorrent.

Not everything is based on prejudice.

Not everything amounts to bullying just because we scream from the rooftops that it is.

Sometime those who cry “discrimination” and “bullying” do a disservice to those genuine cases.

I always say that that we should focus on intention as so often perception and reality are not aligned.

Perception is deception.

I regularly get invited to speak around the world as well as to produce and present events.

I am always keen to ensure diversity in the programmes I produce.

I appreciate that we need to re-dress the imbalance of the past.

I do, however, long for the day when we are truly blind to sex, colour and creed and the only focus is on the best person for the job - a true meritocracy.

Until that day, inevitably products targeted at just one group will cause outrage and gain coverage.

As pointed out, if you want to draw a crowd start a fight…

…and so it was with this week’s Octopus TV Failure Awards’ nominee:

Lady Doritos

Indra Nooyi, the former C.E.O. of PepsiCo, is a great role model.

Indra was born in Madras and went to college and business school in India. She played cricket and lead guitar in an all-girl rock band.

In 1978 Indra was admitted to Yale School of Management and moved to US.

Indra joined PepsiCo in 1994. In 2006 she became President and CEO. of PepsiCo and in 2007 she became chair.

For many years Indra has been listed in the 100 most powerful women in the world.

Results under her tenure as CEO of PepsiCo speak for themselves. PepsiCo's revenue grew from $35 billion in 2006 to $63.5 billion in 2017.

Until the early 1990s, PepsiCo was mostly about selling soda and salty snacks.

PepsiCo then began to diversify.

PepsiCo went on to group its products into three categories:

Good for You” products include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts with an emphasis on less sugar and fat such as Quaker Oats and Tropicana

“Better for You” includes lower-calorie sodas and baked potato chips such as Baked Lays potato chips, Stacy's Pita Chips, and Smartfood popcorn

“Fun for You” includes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lays and Cheetos.

In an interview with Freakonomics Radio in 2018 Indra Nooyi pointed out

“.. consumer tastes change all the time. They change in food and beverage faster than they change anywhere else.”

Nooyi went on to say that PepsiCo” .looked at consumer trends and we looked at where we thought the markets were growing, we knew we had to retool our portfolio. That was just not even a question. We knew that if we didn’t do it, our future was in jeopardy.”


Nooyi witnessed the resistance to change. “When people say culture eats strategy, I lived it first-hand, because I saw how many people sort of said, “Why should we change our company that’s been so successful for a future we don’t quite understand?”

Nooyi pointed out that there is a difference in the way men and women eat their snacks. “When you eat out of a flex bag — one of our single-serve bags — especially as you watch a lot of the young guys eat the chips, they love their Doritos, and they lick their fingers with great glee, and when they reach the bottom of the bag they pour the little broken pieces into their mouth, because they don’t want to lose that taste of the flavour, and the broken chips in the bottom.”


Nooyi suggested that “women would love to do the same, but they don’t. They don’t like to crunch too loudly in public. And they don’t lick their fingers generously and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavour into their mouth.” Nooyi went on to point out that PepsiCo was looking at snacks that could be designed and packaged differently for women and said

“ we’re getting ready to launch a bunch of them soon. For women, low-crunch, the full taste profile, not have so much of the flavour stick on the fingers, and how can you put it in a purse? Because women love to carry a snack in their purse.”

The Sun reported Lady Doritos as fact rather than speculation

Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Predictably, media hysteria set in and the Twittersphere melted

Little did we know that all this time we’ve been eating man chips..

As Ellen pointed out…” who does not want a crunchy chip? If it’s not crunchy it’s a wet potato”

After Pepsi make a chip that’s not crunchy they will make a soda that’s not wet”

What do we want ? Quiet Chips!

Ellen went on to point out “Women were not wronged by Doritos they were wronged by a giant orange Cheeto”

Soon, PepsiCo was insisting it was all a misunderstanding. “The reporting on a specific Doritos product for female consumers is inaccurate. We already have Doritos for women — they’re called Doritos, and they’re enjoyed by millions of people every day..”

Lady Doritos never saw the light of day although other gender specific products have been released with a predictable backlash and have accordingly also earned nominations for The Octopus TV Failure Awards…watch this space


This Saturday will be the 29th February.

29th February is the traditional day when women can propose to men. This dates back to 5th century Ireland and ‘St Bridget’s Complaint’. St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for a man to propose. It was agreed that the role could be reversed on 29th February.

On 29th February 1288 Scotland allowed women to propose to the man of their choice. Tradition had it that any man who declined a proposal in a leap year must pay a fine which could range from a kiss to payment for a silk dress or a pair of gloves.

In this age of equality / #MeToo the media backlash to this anachronistic tradition is predictable… watch those news reports on Saturday!


It’s Lent when traditionally we give up something. This Leap Year Lent let’s give up prejudice and celebrate our diversity.

We should celebrate our diversity – vive la difference - without prejudicing against it…

… and so, Ladies & Gentleman, non binaries - and everyone else I have missed -

break open those Lady Doritos ….just remember to crunch quietly …

See you next time for more fantastically fabulous failures ….In the meantime, be kind to each other!

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Send your nominations now From failed products and services to campaigns and ads we would rather forget, we want to encourage organisations and brands to be better at learning from failures not just ignoring them and pretending they never happened. Send your nominations with full description and images to

In addition to international recognition and glittering prizes the winners will receive the much valued TOFA. Andrew Eborn is a lawyer, strategic business adviser, producer, writer, presenter, magician and speaker. Andrew has specialised in international licensing and global rights’ management for several years and has been actively involved with the negotiation, acquisition and international exploitation of various major licences enabling companies to maximise the return on their rights as well as assisting with the strategic development of their international businesses. Andrew Eborn is now working with several businesses across the IP value chain including the creation and licensing of content in all media from recording, publishing, distribution, supply of talent, management, promotion, immersive technology and holograms. Businesses include: Octopus TV Ltd ( award winning company revolutionising the way content is created and distributed) @octopustv Knot The Truth Ltd ( KTT) with RJ Gibb, son of Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, launched in Cannes. KTT already has a strong line up of programmes, tv, film and music productions, live events, theatrical shows and holographic experiences. Andrew Eborn is a columnist, broadcaster and regular presenter and speaker around the world

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