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Andrew Eborn's LOL ( Lives on Lock-down) with David K & Leon the Magician

Andrew Eborn is joined by father and son, musician David K and magician / table tennis player Leon Thomson

Andrew Eborn's LOL ( Lives on Lock-down)

Andrew Eborn is conducting exclusive video interviews with great guests from around the world

-from Australia to Zambia

- from all walks of life including major public figures and celebrities, legends of sports, music, film theatre as well as everyday heroes NHS Drs, dentists, hairdressers

- learn to cook with top chefs

- learn new skills from chess to wrestling

- learn how to be the best you you can be

- Afternoon tease - puzzles & brain teasers

- Pets on Parade

Over 300 videos

Andrew Eborn "The Joe Wicks of the Mind & Mental Health"

See, for example, interview with Harvey Goldsmith CBE, the legendary and visionary producer and promoter of concerts, charity events and television broadcasts.

From Live Aid to Lock-down

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