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Andrew Eborn predicts : The Future of Entertainment

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

For many years Andrew Eborn has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights and assist with the strategic development of their businesses.

As a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star as well as a lawyer and strategist, predictions and a deep understanding of human behaviour come with his territory – making the impossible possible.

He has successfully predicted major events, developments in technology and entertainment as well as election results with alarming accuracy. He has always been at the forefront of embracing technology and pioneering developments in entertainment including:

– helping Pioneer to bring Karaoke to the UK – enabling – through Octopus TV – some of the first live streaming of sporting and other events – providing the technology backbone for video on demand for newspaper groups and brands enabling them to be their own broadcasters – revolutionising the distribution of content by facilitating the global digital delivery of files – pioneering immersive entertainment, augmented reality and holograms

The advances in technology and the increase in bandwidth continue to open more and more opportunities.

In Cannes this year, in addition to discussing Octopus TV’s and Knot the Truth’s rich slate of diverse programmes across each genre, Andrew  was engaged by NHK to help present their 8K content to the world.

For the first time in Cannes history, 8K content was shown on a 248 inch screen with 22.2 ch surround sound. Simply stunning!

Andrew also introduced the international premiere of the dramatisation of Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel “An Artist of the Floating World” in 8K.

Andrew interviewed several A list celebrities including Oscar nominee and multi award winning actor Ken Watanabe (star of “The Last Samurai” and a number of other Hollywood films such as “Batman Begins”, the “Godzilla” reboot, “Inception” and the “Transformers” series.)

The interview was filmed in 8K for NHK BS8K channel and NHK News.

It will be broadcast in December on the 1st anniversary of the launch of NHK’s 8K channel.

The theme of “question everything” runs through the core of Andrew businesses and approach to life.

As Andrew points out “progress is enabled by questioning not why but why not?

We can now create images that look and feel like the real thing. The opportunities are tremendous across all media from retail, live concerts to totally immersive experiences.”.

What can now be achieved with even modest budgets is astounding for example Octopus TV was engaged to provide a magical window display for Hamleys. From concept to delivery Octopus TV devised and produced gloved white holographic hands which performed magic tricks mesmerising the crowds and drawing them inside to discover more.

Using secrets and performance skills enhanced by Andrew’s  Membership of The Inner Magic Circle, he can create holograms which look, sound and smell like the real thing.

Those holograms can perform everywhere live acts can perform, as well as in several places other acts can’t reach. Audiences cannot tell the difference. From an artist’s perspective they always give a perfect performance, looking and sounding their best.

From a promoter’s perspective, they are always guaranteed that the artist will show up and finish on time without the burden of a rider – the days of blue smarties are past….

Artists can continue to earn revenue from performances long after their Fenders have faded and their Gibsons gone and perform in territories never previously imagined – all on the same night!

The technology can help create perfect partnerships with more and more artists collaborating – reinvigorating forgotten stars and enabling established artists to promote and perform with the new.

The illusions can be created with existing footage which is why Octopus TV and Knot the Truth are establishing strategic alliances with producers, artists and other rights owners to open this new and exciting revenue stream.

Everyone could have the opportunity to experience Prince, Bowie, Elvis, Sinatra and Pavarotti in concert and see the Beatles reunited.

The applications including in politics, medicine, art and the media industries are tremendous.

The future lies in embracing the exciting opportunities presented by new technology to launch brands and bands, reach new markets and open new revenue streams…

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