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Andrew Eborn - PERFECT CHOCOLATE MOUSSE with Chris Dodd

Andrew Eborn is joined by magician and top chef, Chris Dodd to make the PERFECT CHOCOLATE MOUSSE

Dark Chocolate Mousse Makes 4 portions Ingredients: 100g Double Cream 100g Whole Milk (Blue lid) 2x Strips of peeled orange zest (optional) 1 small sprig Rosemary (optional) 3x Egg Yolks 50g Honey, raw & unpasteurised 200g 70%+ Dark chocolate, finely chopped 25g Whisky (optional) 320g Double Cream, lightly whipped Method: • Slowly bring the cream and milk to the boil in a small saucepan with the orange zest and the rosemary, or any other flavour you want to infuse it with. • Leave this to stand for 15 minutes to allow the flavours to strengthen. • Meanwhile, mix the egg yolks and the honey together in a small bowl. • Once the cream has boiled, pour it slowly over the egg yolks while whisking. • Ensure it is emulsified, before transferring it back to the pan and then to a low heat. • Stirring continuously, cook this custard to 82°C, testing with a probe thermometer. Alternatively, when ready the custard should coat the back of the spoon and you should be able to draw a line in it with a clean finger. • Pour this custard through a fine sieve onto your chocolate. • Stir it a little, then let it stand for a minute to gently melt the chocolate. • Ensure all is emulsified fully. • Allow this to cool to 35-40°C, no warmer, then add the whisky, if you choose to. • Lastly, fold in the semi-whipped cream using a whisk. • Make sure that there are no streaks of cream and chocolate that aren’t mixed in. • Pour this into a pretty glass; a martini-esque or rocks glass is perfect for this. • Store these safely in the fridge and allow them to set for a couple of hours. • Now you can decorate the dessert as you wish. • It’s nice to decorate the dessert as if it were a cocktail, sugaring the rim of the glass, for example with cocoa powder mix with sugar. A twist of orange if you have used orange in the mousse. • Otherwise, garnish with fruit that would go with milk chocolate such as raspberries, passion fruit or cranberries. Cocoa nibs are a wonderful thing to add to the top of your dessert, it will add both crunch and a slight bitterness to balance the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the honey. • Take the glasses from the fridge about 20-30 minutes before serving, to allow the mousse to soften slightly and so it isn’t teeth-shatteringly cold. Wipe any condensation from the glass, serve and enjoy! Note: This mousse freezes well, so if you have left overs that you know you just won’t eat, then pop it into a container and store it in the freezer for up to 3 months. Defrost it the night before you want to use it, that doesn’t mean eat it for breakfast!

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