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Andrew Eborn in conversation with Mike Read - Blue Plaques The Magic Circle

Updated: May 27, 2020

Andrew Eborn in conversation with Mike Read - Blue Plaques The Magic Circle

On a summer's day in 1905, twenty three amateur and professional magicians gathered together at London's Pinoli's Restaurant on Wardour Street with the intention of forming a magic club.

The result was the founding of The Magic Circle.

Andrew Eborn worked with The British Plaque Trust and Members of The Magic Circle to enable a plaque to be installed celebrating The Magic Circle's founding.

On a sunny spring day in 2016, Dynamo and fellow magicians along with members of the public gathered at the same site to watch the unveiling of the plaque.

A Blue Plaque is a recognised symbol of our national heritage, a living footprint of our history and serves as a permanent reminder of important contributions to the history of the country. The British Plaque Trust commemorates the contributions, lives and notable, influential and successful people from all walks of life.

They have unveiled plaques celebrating many genres over the years, including Culture, Art, Literature, Philanthropy, Sport, Entertainment, Science and Music., and 2018 saw them creating history by unveiling plaques in Commonwealth countries under our Commonwealth Trust banner. The team comprises, Mike Read, Ian Freeman, Nicky Cox MBE and our Patrons, Charles, 9th Earl Spencer and Lord Grade.

2017 saw The British Plaque Trust working closely with the BBC for BBC Music day on June 9th, when they unveiled almost 50 plaques across the country, commemorating local music legends.

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