BREAKING NEWS – Andrew Eborn on BBC World AI Vs IP Fake Kanye West Bruce Willis Astley Vs Yung Gravy

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Andrew Eborn Back to The Futurist / AE on AI and how it is revolutionising every aspect of our social and economic lives.

– AI Vs IP

– Kanye

-Rick Astley v Yung Gravy

-The Truth About Bruce Willis’ Face

There have been seismic developments in the world of AI, Robotics & Tech.

As previously predicted, the use of AI is set to explode presenting new opportunities as well as threats if proper protection is not in place.

Concerns have been expressed regarding the commercial implications and the fear that actors may lose jobs as a result of the fact that AI can recreate actors’ voices and images.

Equity, the UK actors’ and performers’ Union, launched a campaign called Stop AI Stealing The Show. The truth, however, is AI wont steal the show but rather will open new revenue streams. Understanding the technology and ensuring that contracts are drafted to ensure proper protection and compensation are key.

As always, getting the rights right is key. Don’t miss out… get in touch!


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