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Andrew Eborn, Lawyer, Broadcaster & Futurist joins Neil Oliver Live on GB News to put today’s news stories into perspective including by shining a spotlight on history to help determine what the future may hold – the threats and the opportunities.


For several years, Andrew Eborn has successfully predicted major events, developments in business, media, sports and technology as well as global election results with alarming accuracy.  Against all the odds, Andrew’s 100% record of predicting human behaviour, media coverage and results remains intact. 

Whilst pollsters flubbed  spectacularly, Andrew Eborn predicted the Tory victory in 2015, the backfire of Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election in 2017, the twists and turns of Brexit and the post truth era of Trump.  YouGov’s political research manager Chris Curtis described the 2019 UK General Election as “arguably the least predictable election in modern history.”  Against all the odds, Andrew Eborn again successfully predicted that the Tories would secure the largest majority since the days of Margaret Thatcher in the 80’s. 

Andrew Eborn also warned of a global pandemic which would lead to panic buying, the spread of misinformation and fear, press conferences, sound bites, posturing and division.  As a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, as well as a lawyer, futurist and strategist, Andrew’s predictions and deep understanding of human behaviour come with the territory – making the impossible possible. Andrew Eborn predicted a year of revelations including partygate, the drip release of photos and videos, Trump ‘s Truth Social, discoveries including the launch of The James Webb satellite to opening new revenue streams and advances in technology including NFTs, AI, Robotics, Holograms and artists selling their rights as well as the timing of the conflict in Ukraine.


Andrew’s own career spans the law, television production, future tech and brand strategy. For many years, Andrew Eborn has empowered major international corporations to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights, as well as assisting with the strategic development of their businesses. He has always been at the forefront of embracing technology and pioneering developments. Unlike most journalists, Andrew is able to call on his own legal and business experience to drive the questions and get to the difficult answers. Just as he would have done as a Barrister at law in the UK courts, Andrew Eborn will not let anyone off the hook, employing his own charm, doggedness and integrity to get to the truth providing insight and all perspectives. Andrew appears regularly on various channels around the world as a presenter / contributor on a wide range of topics.

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