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ANDREW EBORN’s BROADCAST BONANZA : MORE PLATFORMS THAN PADDINGTON Delighted to continue to appear on several channels around the world including for the whole of each programme providing light and shade & playing Devil’s Advocate where required!Andrew Eborn #Barrister#Broadcaster#Futurist Thank you @drdavidbull @DrHoenderkamp @JuliaHB1 @nickdebois @tomwilliets @PetrieHosken Phil Dave @MitchellCMM @TalkTV @TimesRadio @NickEllerby @rosiewright99 @OctopusTV

Andrew Eborn continues to appear on various programmes including unpacking the main stories especially from the worlds of AI/Tech, media and the law in addition to hosting and producing The Television Podcast for Royal Television Society. The latest episode is an interview  with Harvey Goldsmith CBE to be released on 13th July – the 38th anniversary of Live Aid.

Topics include:
BBC “sex photos” new twist / Musk delivers low blow in platform punch up with Zuckerberg /
Biden and the King / More patients in their 80’s going to A&E – is AI a solution? Give us a calorie count along with our pint, say drinkers
 – Andrew Eborn joins Rosie Wright Times Radio

A self-styled “assassin” caught with a crossbow in the grounds of Windsor Castle was encouraged by an AI chatbot girlfriend / launch of Threads
Andrew Eborn joins Julia Hartley-Brewer Talk TV

Is ChatGT better than chatting to your GP? Will AI replace your Doctor ? Andrew Eborn Tjoins Anne Diamond & Stephen Dixon GB News

Who owns your photos? AI fears, Twitter limits & can your bank close your account? 
Andrew Eborn’s Greatest Writs – Petrie Hosken Talk TV

French riots, Rwanda, Asbestos in Schools, Pylons – Andrew Eborn joins David Bull &Renée Hoenderkamp

NHS future, AI, Diana, William Vs Harry, Elephant balls secret to cancer, Cashless Society Andrew Eborn joins Peter Cardwell

Russia Rwanda EVs Potholes e-Scooters Robot Drs AI & music pit too posh- Andrew Eborn & Rosie Wright Times Radio

Netflix Clampdown on Password Sharing – Andrew Eborn The Futurist back on BBC

and many more …..

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