Andrew Eborn Paper Review – Strikes, Royal Race Row, Harry & Meghan, Twitter, Xmas No 1, Fake Perfume, Year in Review

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Andrew Eborn – Paper Review Strikes, Royal Race Row, Harry & Meghan, Twitter, Fake Perfume, Year in Review, Xmas No 1

Andrew Eborn joins Peter Cardwell Talk TV Paper Review


– Sunak needs to get a grip The Times p4

– Government accused of trafficking foreign nurses

– Christmas Strikes to cost London £2b / Mass cancellations to hit bars & pubs for £750m ES p4 / FT p2

– Matt cartoon Telegraph

– Hospitals told to empty beds before strike – Mail p2

– Even the nation’s spies are said to be among those feeling the pinch. The Times

Right Royal Race Row

– Lady Susan Hussey Ngozi Fulani meeting – Mirror

– guide to small talk The Guardian

Netflix Harry & Meghan

– Still invited to the Coronation – Mail p4

– Palace silent on Harry as ex-aide questions his briefing claims ES p 9 / Mirror p4-5

– Hurt King seeks peace Daily Express p 4

– Twitter bans for US journalists who report on Musk p9 ES / Times Technology

The EU has threatened Elon Musk with sanctions and suggested he may have crossed a “red line” by suspending several journalists from Twitter.

– Race for Christmas No 1


Fake Perfume contains cyanide & wee

Daily Star – p5

The Year in Review by Boris, Liz, Rishi and co – Hugo Rifkind The Times

THE LEGAL EAGLE HAS LANDED @AndrewEborn ‘s LAWFUL NEWS righting wrongs & discussing the week’s biggest cases #TheFuturist #LegalEagle @OctopusTV # Andrew Eborn, President Octopus TV Ltd, is an international lawyer, strategic business adviser, broadcaster, author and futurist. For many years Andrew has empowered companies to face the challenges of changing markets, maximise the return on their rights as well as assisting with the strategic development of their businesses. Andrew Eborn appears regularly on various channels around the world as a presenter / contributor on a wide range of topics as well as a speaker / host at live events including major festivals. @AndrewEborn @OctopusTV

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