Andrew Eborn – More Platforms Than Paddington

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Andrew Eborn continues to appear on various programmes including unpacking the main stories especially from the worlds of AI/Tech, media and the law in addition to hosting and producing The Television Podcast for Royal Television Society. 

Recent appearances include:

Back To The Futurist Andrew Eborn joins Trisha Goddard Live from The Magic Circle to discuss Home Office secretly backing facial recognition technology to curb shoplifting

ULEZ AI The Magic Circle David Berglas Threads Social Care Barbie Furby Barney – Andrew Eborn David Bull & Renée Hoenderkamp Paper Review

Should a pub change its name from The Old Bulldog to the old mutt – to highlight the dangers of breeding pedigree dogs?
Eborn’s Greatest Writs on Talk TV – AI, Trump, Guinness World Records, stamps, ULEZ, Farage Vs Coutts

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